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    Lockheed’s scalable approach to managing artificial intelligence yields $20 million in value each year and delivers new innovations faster. feature story | Press release | Case study | On-demand webinar


    Evidation empowers individuals to participate in better health outcomes by turning research into production-grade models in as little as eight weeks.

    Case study

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    10X faster development of deep learning models puts Janssen researchers one step closer to delivering precision medicine.

    Case study | Leveraging Data Science to Improve the Trajectory of Human Health

    Webinars: J&J CIO on Scaling Data Science | Delivering Precision Medicine with Deep Learning


    Greater collaboration among data scientists accelerates the pace of research at Bayer to help farmers grow crops more efficiently.

    Case study | Blog | Webinar: Seamless virtual collaboration across life sciences | Webinar: Best practices for driving outcomes

    Ford is scaling data science across more than 1000 employees, with code-first data scientists collaborating with less technical users to solve key business challenges.

    Wall Street Journal article

    Arthur D. Little helps a pharmaceutical company keep clinical trials on track by developing new models up to 1.5 times faster.

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    Allstate delivers a faster, more seamless claims process for consumers with the ability to test new ideas more easily and develop models faster.

    Blog | Forbes story | Case study | Webinar

    Eli Lilly has taken a proactive approach to scaling data science across people, process, and technology for MLOps at enterprise scale.


    A 10x improvement in data science efficiency is enabling Red Hat to scale data science and become a data-driven business.

    Rev session | eWeek case study | Blog


    Topdanmark’s model-driven policy approvals, powered by Domino, reduce the time to approve coverage from four days to one to two seconds.

    Case study | Rev session | GTC session



    An 83% reduction in model lifecycle accelerates Admiral Group's development of model-driven insurance product recommendations, driving €2 million in incremental annual profit.

    Blog | Case study



    25% faster delivery of models provides Scor’s reinsurance experts with new knowledge to better manage risk.

    Blog | On-demand webinar | AI Paris session | Press release

    New York Life’s Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is scaling data science and AI across the company, using Domino to move models into production more efficiently.

    Blog | Datanami article

    Climate Corporation accelerates the model pipeline to help farmers better understand their operations and increase crop yields in a sustainable way.

    Blog | Constellation Research case study


    BMS’ translational bioinformatics team can test tens of thousands of hypotheses with complete reproducibility to accelerate the fight against cancer.

    Pharma Tech Outlook article

    Streamlined workflows and improved collaboration among its data scientists help this Fortune 500 financial services leader create empathy with millions of customers.

    Case study

    Together, BioRankings and Domino bring state-of-the-art computing, statistical analyses, and software development to life sciences companies to accelerate data science for precision medicine and precision agriculture.

    “The Curse of Dimensionality” blog | Multi-omics Analysis Platform overview

    Across 35 countries, BNP Paribas Cardif data scientists use the Domino platform daily to build and deploy innovative models that are helping to reinvent insurance.



    An FDA-qualified research platform enables this global pharma to test tens of thousands of hypotheses to accelerate their fight against cancer and other diseases.

    Case study



    In just two years, CSL Behring created a thriving advanced analytics and AI practice, generating immeasurable benefits for patients struggling with rare diseases.

    On-demand webinar | Blog | Data Science Leaders podcast

    DBRS delivers high-value research to clients faster by accelerating data science experimentation and increasing collaboration.

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    Gap is building out more personalized experiences to increase engagement by modernizing its approach to data science and analytics.



    S&P Global is training its workforce of more than 17,000 people to be more data-driven, using Domino as the “glue” underpinning its program.

    Towards Data Science article

    Vevo’s data science platform enables it to experiment in a very modular way and very easily expand into other areas.

    A more than 50% reduction in the time to move models into production enables Moody’s Analytics to get information into the hands of clients faster.

    Case study



    A 4x increase in the number of simultaneous data science projects is helping Thorn fight child abuse.

    Inc. article | Case study

    Coatue accelerates investment research and deploys new strategies by reducing the time and cost to test new ideas and deploy models.

    SF Business times article (requires login) | Case study


    Trupanion is revolutionizing the pet medical health insurance industry, automating more than 75,000 claims with only a few expert data scientists.

    Case study | Blog | Datanami story


    Seer is using data science to understand how cancer affects protein in the blood to better predict whether a person has cancer.

    CIO article

    Model-driven automation and reinforcement learning makes EasyJet operations more nimble amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

    On-demand webinar

    This Fortune 500 insurer delivers new fraud detection capabilities in weeks by slashing model delivery and validation cycles.

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    See what the Domino platform can do for your organization.